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There’s nothing like the feeling of taking a casino’s money at a craps table. Las Vegas visitors who gamble fall into two categories: The “play for fun” gamblers who plunk down money just for thrill of playing at a big casino. The “serious” gambler who came to win money. Ironically, the one table in a casino that draws the loudest and most exciting crowds, is also the most intimidating to players and has a lower percentage of players compared to other table games. Playing craps can be both FUN and you can win BIG MONEY! Learning to play craps the right way will put you on that road! Whether you have no experience playing craps, limited experience or have been playing for years, the beauty of our craps strategy is that it works for everyone! You will never have to feel intimidated walking up to a craps table again!

About Tom

For thirty-five 35 years, I have been on both sides of the craps table. I have noticed the difference between craps players who occasionally win and the craps players who win consistently. It is definitely because of good craps strategy. I have studied their dice methods over tens of thousands of rolls. We have developed a method of playing craps which has been very successful for us and for our clients. I personally will work with you up to four 4 hours at a Las Vegas strip casino. At your request, my staff will provide all amenities and travel arrangements. We also have the means to accommodate our East Coast customers.

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For an appointment call Tom’s direct line at 702-326-2500

Craps Strategy

ARE YOU READY TO BRING DOWN THE HOUSE? Tom Kris is a renowned professional with a unique winning craps strategy. Most craps players know that the game of craps has one of the smallest edge of all casino games, but few craps players understand how to apply the fundamental laws and strategies to actually make a consistent profit at the craps table. The problem is that most craps players lack an objective and a exit strategy. Over time, the house edge starts to grind out out their profit resulting in a loss. Tom’s craps strategy is geared towards the player who wishes to gain an upper hand on the casino while at the craps table. Unless a player has an effective craps strategy and the discipline to stick to it, there is almost zero chance of gaining an advantage over the casino. Tom’s strategy to playing craps has been developed to work for anyone! He uses logic and mathematics over hunches and luck! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Contact us today at info@dicespecialist.com and start winning at the craps table! Tom Kris Your patronage is important to us. We will always respect your privacy and never share your information with any other party. Rest assured you will only be contacted by Dice Specialist personnel.

Craps Q & A

Fashionable young people having fun at the BlackJack table. As far as I know off this is the first Casino shoot in Micro stock history. Finding a Casino that would let us take pictures of it’s interior was pretty hard. Thanks to Anne Sofie Eike for Styling and make-up. Thanks to Heidi Kristensen for assisting in all matters. Thanks to Dhoxax for backup photography.

1. How did you get into the casino business?

Tom: I hit the ground running when I got here. I have had a life long love affair with the casino business, the excitement of being in those old casinos just made you feel alive! I used some connections to pull some strings and I have been working in the best casinos on the strip ever since as a high limit dice dealer.

2. What have you noticed about people in the casino and around the craps table?

Tom: When you are around these places for so long you see people in their rawest emotional states. I can attest to seeing people make very quick financial decisions when they’re most vulnerable. Self control seems to go out the window as soon as they get off the plane or on the Las Vegas Strip.

3. What has that experience taught you?

Tom: Well, anyone that comes to Vegas can relate to the experience of being up in winnings and sometimes for a considerable sum of money. The problem is, most people lack an objective or exit strategy. Inevitably, the house advantage starts to grind on them and the winnings disappears. The biggest mistake I see again and again is that emotions start to dictate the amount wagered per roll.

4. How so?

Tom: There seems to be something in human nature that compels the player into betting small during a positive streak and chasing their losses with big wagers during a negative streak. That is being controlled by greed and fear and is the absolute worst mistake someone can make. Casinos love those players. Unless a player has an effective system and the discipline to stick to it, there is almost zero chance of gaining an advantage over the casino. This is why I devised a winning strategy to obtaining maximum profits.

5. Why not keep it a secret if your method is so good?

Tom: I get asked that a lot. The simple truth is everyone can capitalize on my method and strategy to winning at the craps table. As the internet has evolved, it makes much more sense on a practical basis to expose a massive audience to my winning method than to keep it just for my own use. The real joy I get is in working hands on with people, showing the subtle nuances of the craps game and teaching them the sound money management principles I have developed.

6. Sounds like you’re having fun, are you?

Tom: I’m having a blast! Someone once said: “Your joy is where your passion lies”. The joy I get from watching people being entertained while playing craps to the best of their ability is worth every sacrifice I have made!

The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Playing Craps


This book is the ultimate guide to making money playing craps.


This book is the ultimate guide to making money playing craps. It will guide you step by step on my unique method of playing craps that I have developed over my 30 year career.


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What people are saying.

We are avid craps players and have enjoyed the game for many years. We have tried numerous ways of playing but always fell back into playing the game exactly as the casinos planned.  At times, we would chase our losses with bigger bets in hopes that we would hit that one big roll or we would play emotionally and end up walking away broke. During our last trip to Vegas, we spent an evening out with Tom.  He taught us his method of play that allowed us to play through the bad rolls until we could catch the big roll that every craps player hopes for.  We would definitely recommend Tom’s program.  He changed the way that we play craps and it was time well spent.

Greg and Stacey

Dallas, Texas

Tom is truly a pro’s pro. I have spent countless hours at the crap tablewith some of the best players and I can say, without a doubt, that Tom is the most knowledgeable expert on the game of craps that I have ever met. His system completely changed my approach to the game.  Thanks Tom!

Tom C.

New York, New York

I was referred to Tom Kris by a mutual friend. I always felt intimidated walking up to a craps table so I played blackjack when I came to Vegas. I spent a couple of hours with Tom on a live craps game. Tom explained every bet that we made and why. I have been doing well with the method of betting l have learned. No more blackjack for me. I highly recommend Tom Kris the dice specialist.

Korean Mike

Las Vegas, Nevada

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